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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

return to sender

Saw a lovely picture from my sister's blog site....yeah, that picture of the siamese girls is on the wall of my office. I love it...her art is never ambivalent. Lots of my patients walk by the photographs but never without a comment.

Spring is sprung. Bought a few plants for the garden as well as hunting for a lawn mower and a BBQ. It seems that a little cabin fever has set in too. Dreaming about weekends at a cottage or on a boat. Spring weddings and of course, that fine Canadian tradition of the garden/BBQ party. But really it is all about getting outdoors even if it is the backyard. All hail the long days of summer!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Going home with Sven! Posted by Hello

Sven helping to clean up after the party. Posted by Hello


What to look forward to when you are turning 30s, 40s or 50s: I attended a 40th birthday bash this weekend. Sadly, I was on call and could not imbibe as much as I desired. The event was smashing nevertheless. The birthday girl was throughly beeming from a day at the spa/hairstylist (arranged by her husband), dressed stylishly (cash provided for by husband) and standing in her newly renovated kitchen with food catered from a lovely Italian restaurant (also arranged by previously mentioned husband). The kitchen...cherry wood cabinets, granite top counters, two islands (with two sinks), dual built in ovens, cooktop with 6 burners, and two dishwashers. Some girls have all the luck. I really shouldn't speak too quickly...she does have to take care of four children in the morning.

Evening included a slide show that was entertaining as the highlight was Sven, a blow up male doll who seems to be making the rounds at all the 40th birthday parties. Finally, when it came down to the toast of the evening, the best line came from the birthday girl herself. She declared that when my husband turns 40th, he can do anything he can bet he has started planning for this occasion already. In the wee hours of the morning, the party finally wrapped up with two guys strumming classical guitar tunes.

Friday, March 04, 2005

The truck and branches are practically melting into the wall of Tulum's enclosure.  Posted by Hello

Here the roots of the tree are foundation of the crumbling of the fallen temple.  Posted by Hello

Something about trees over broken stone is positively fascinating. Nature reclaming what is hers perhaps. Here are stones from a civilization older than our present left crumbling in her wake. What do you think will left when ours has passed on? Will what we build this day last as long as the Mayan's?  Posted by Hello

El Castillo, this is the centre of Tulum perched on the rocky high ground. Status in the enclosed city was geographically determined. You can bet this temple was the place to be. Posted by Hello

Spectacular setting. A few elements make for the perfect vacation. One is the beach which should be set by a gorgeous turquoise sea. The sea littered with coral reefs perfect for snorkeling or diving. Second would be ancient ruins, the older the better. Finally, perfect sunny skies...300 days of sunshine at least. Tulum, Mexico is one of those rare gems which combines them all.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Foot at Tuluum's Beach Posted by Hello

Feet on the boat to the Palancar Gardens Posted by Hello

Feet on the beach in Cozumel Posted by Hello

Back to Square one

Well it hasn't been more than 3 days since I returned from Mexico...does the feeling of vacation last for more than this? More relaxed and more focussed? More (god forgive this expression) more productive. Actually yes to all the above.

Tonight, Desi and I shared our pics from our recent trip. No picture really captures the exact memory of the event but even so....the warm thoughts of vacation linger on. Outside, there is over a foot of snow but somehow it does really matter right now as I slip away dreaming of the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Where have all the people gone? Actually who cares.  Posted by Hello

Who knew that mardi gras in Cozumel would be such a big thing? Take for instance these large Joker heads which line the coast of the port of San Miguel. Both terrifying yet intriguing. Posted by Hello

Palancar Reefs of Cozumel

Wow...although I dived many times before, the beauty of the sea never ceases to amaze me. The hues of the coral, the dazzling colour of the marine life and just the pure splendor of the reefs. The ones in Cozumel were made famous by J. Cousteau and are considered second only to the Great Barrier Reef. And what a pleasure to be diving in warm waters. Each day, there were two dives and by noon I was sunny myself with a margarita by the pool or on the beach. Not a bad way to spend your vacation.

There are many wonders in the underwater world. Both great and small. Sometimes when you drift across the reef, your eye catches the tiny creatures dancing the sand...seahorses. Other times, the sea turtles float above your head. Almost half expect them to start speaking like a surfer dude. The other magic of diving is the silence broken occasionally by the sound of your breathing much like Darth Vader. It is also probably the closest I will ever get to experiencing flying. Now that I have returned from this dive trip, it is time to plan the next. out for that beak. Posted by Hello

I think this creature was a little camera shy. Posted by Hello

Delicate and fragile are the seahorses of Tormentos Posted by Hello

This little guy was just happy to drift with the current. Posted by Hello

The turtles of Cozumel are quite swift. Although not aggressive, they do not generally enjoy having their personal space invaded.  Posted by Hello