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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Just like Vacation

A little known fact about first time bloggers: log entry isn't a habit yet much less an obsession. But like any living being, it does need to be nurtured. Actually, in this case, time is the barrier.

First the end of the NHL season. Actually, it has been dying a slow death anyway. Mark my words, future seasons if and when they return will suffer. Bickering over money is never good. Especially when you are overpaid already. Playing professional sports is a priviledge. Ever wonder what happens to retire professional athletes. Everyone seems so concerned about whether there is life after professional sport. What happened? Did their brains and bodies stop functioning when their careers ended? Acutally, what was their life before professional sports? When most people retire/"leave their jobs", are they incapable of retraining? Cry me a river!

Work seems to occupy a huge part of my life and invades all, family, relationships, even vacation. The last time I took one was last fall and that wasn't even for a whole week. Blame it on the work oriented culture of North America. I thought all this technology (internet, cell phone, emails, etc) was suppose to give us more time...rubbish, just makes it harder to make the distinction between work and play.

So, why so grumpy this day...just chaotic at the clinic and in the hospital. Solution: Vacation now! Actually leaving for Mexico for a week. No cell phone, no emails and in fact, no technology unless you consider the sailboat I'll be lounging on and the scuba equipment I'll be using. Next blog will be pics of the blue skies and white sands of Cozumel.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bugs Bunny Classics

The last few days have been quite hectic. In my job, I can often be up at odd hours at night as babies respect no one's time but their own. All parents realize that this behaviour continues long after birth. But a nice perk of the job is getting regular days off. Wandering the malls on Monday morning and shopping without fighting the crowds is a nice bonus.

I did finally go a see an opera (another new year's resolution) with Dessie. A traditional production of La Boheme. Rudolfo and the other male voices was passable but Mimi and Musetta were phenomenal. I realized in the middle of the opera how many arias and tunes in the opera were so familiar but I never could put a name to them. This probably stems from my early exposure to classical music during those Looney Tunes episodes. The most memorable is the overture to the Barber of Seville being played as Bugs gives Elmer Fudd a shave. Quite clever and piss in your pants funny! This led to me thinking that Bugs was the Barber of Seville when I growing up. The true origins of the piece did not come to light until my teens.