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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The end of my stash

For nearly four years now, I have been trying not to use plastic bags when shopping. Declining them at first brought strange looks from the cashiers especially at the Chinese supermarkets. I had quite a number of cloth totes (from so many conferences) to haul my groceries and other purchases.

Then, in late 2007 came the grand opening of Milton's Superstore, the first supermarket in Canada which did not sell or dispense plastic bags. Pretty soon, everyone was catching on to the trend. Every major supermarket is selling some type of branded tote.

Then the Halton region introduced the green bins for composing in 2008 (in addition to the blue bins which have been around forever). So, I started using a compo stable bag for my kitchen waste. Gradually over the years, the number of plastic bags I needed to collect the garbage throughout in the house diminished as items were diverted to recycling and composing. This is somewhat ironic as the homes I have lived in has increased in size over the years.

So that stash of plastic bags which had filled nearly two large black garbage bags has been whittled away. Today, I reach into the bottom of that last black bag and grabbed the last plastic bag. Now, what was going to do with this thing again?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oyster Bed from The Starfish

Oyster Bed
Originally uploaded by divinemissladybird
Ms. Foodie and I had a hunger for oysters. Last time, we sampled the offering from Oyster Boy. We decided to try The Starfish. What a fabulous idea. After suffering with pill-induced esophagitis for a week, I was ready to dive back into the world of enjoying my food. The one bright side of this experience is I have probably loss some weight from eating less and eating more slowly.

These oysters were so fresh and tasty. So need for any sauce or garnish. What better way to complement our oyster tasting but with some alcohol. In this case, a 2007 California Zinfadel which seems sweeter after the oysters were gone.

This was followed by a personal favourite of mine: moules and frites.
The mussels were in a creamy, white white sauce with thyme. Simply splendid. What an excellent way to catch up with an old friend. The Starfish is an Irish themed restaurant. The perfect setting to discuss our future visit to the Emerald Isle.