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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Kingdom of Garnet Posted by Picasa

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Spauling the Captain Posted by Picasa

Warm evening swim in Bell Cove Posted by Picasa

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Brunch at 68 ft below the St. Lawrence Posted by Picasa

Where did the summer go?

Every year I wonder where the summer goes? Is time really passing more quickly (even though the days are longer)? However, I digress...oh what a glorious summer it has been. Warm days and lots of sunshine...more days over 30 degrees that I can recall in recent memory. And the time has been well spent.

First the weekends in Manitoulin at Spauling's cottage. Spauling too owns a boat and the days of boating on those warm, still summer evenings are so pleasant. Swimming in the waters of the Bell Cove were particular memorable amidst the alcoholic haze. Swimming off the dock by the cottage were equally pleasant but not as warm.

Then there were the adventures in SCUBA. Actually, these were more like trials at the start of the summer. On one particular dive, we were overly ambitious. Diving to a depth of over 70 feet in a 7mm suit after a not too restful night of sleep and too little to eat. The experience was cold (54 degrees F water), nauseating (thanks Spauling for the Gravol) and miserable (trying to over come the former two). The lesson to be learnt, master the shallower depths. However, the two divers who were our dive masters were terrific...exercising all those safety measures that I soon learnt on the Advanced Open Water Course. Desi again managed to incur another "unfortunate" mishap...experiencing nitrogen narcosis on her second dive. -

Desi and I went off to do our advanced open water in Brockville. The waters of the St. Lawrence were considerably warmer. In fact, it was a night and day experience from diving in Manitoulin: 3mm wet suit and great visibility. Our dive master made the whole course quite fun with his enthusiasm. Kept calling Desi and I princesses (as we were the only two women on the boat). The most memorable dive was at 68ft at the wreck of the Robert Gaskin. The entire dive group had brunch at 68 ft: Banana and OJ.

Finally last weekend, the Kingdom of Garnet had its annual royal gathering to crown the new Queen. This was the neighbour directly opposite to us: King Ross (now 4th King of the Street behind King Frank, King Clarence and King Tony who was the former owner of my house). Whence the royal ale was done and the venison consumed, the Queen was pronounced! I'm actually an honorary Garnite...the front door of my house lies on Lydia. However, as history was noted, the Kingdom of Lydia came to an untimely end. Long live the Kingdom of Garnet!