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Monday, April 25, 2005

A small town no more

My silence for this month is broken. Why the delay...Actually more like lack of time. It was been raining babies. A new record established this month: 56 babies in a month. Not bad for an obstetrician unit that is nearly 2.5 years old. Still lots of growing pains. Need more staff and more equipment!

April showers have arrived and everything is growing. Since this is my first year at this new home, the joy of discovery is everywhere. Daffodils, crocuses, lilies, chives, and soon the blooming of the magnolias. Gosh, it's so exciting. Each day I survey the back and front yards for new signs of life. Next weekend, a new purchase....A lawmover and the start of new chapter in my life...yard work.

The end of April is also the end of the tax season. EEK! Enough said!

J. Brown finally took possession of his now home this week. Gigantic home in which he and his girlfriend will occupy. Currently, they have enough furniture to occupy one and half rooms let alone the three and a half bathrooms. Gosh I hope they like to clean. J. Brown and family invited myself and my parents for housewarming dinner and "prayer" ceremony. Most unlikely event for us to attend given currently religious persuasion. However, the evening was quite illuminating in the study of parental dynamics in traditional indian culture.

J. Brown's dad was clearly the patriach/elder of the clan. Leading both the prayer and yes the hymns sung. Most mercifully, I was called to a delivery in the middle of the prayers. J. Brown's mother spent most of her time in the kitchen. Also, I saw new side of J. Brown...very deferential to parents both mom and dad, even in his own home! Wow, makes me realize the total non-traditional upbringing I had. Strangely now feel very grateful to my own parents for encouraging and fostering my independence.