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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Some good meal out and in

I tend to eat most of my meals at home (lunch, dinner and breakfast, if I remember of course). One of the perks of living with your parents and about 2 minutes from work. My honey, my mother and I all love to cook. My honey hippo is the master of the BBQ. My mother cooks the best of Asian and Asian fusion stuff. I tend to do a mix of Asian and Western dishes. However, I do take in a few restaurants.

Last week, for Dad's birthday, we went to The Host, an Indian Restaurant. Between the goat curry, Tandoori chicken and prawns, aloo gobi, butter chicken, and the spiced and garlic nan, it was a feast to behold and to savour. Still salivating about the memories.
Then the second best meal was at the Owl of Minerva, a Korean restaurant which has nothing to do with the Greek goddess of wisdom. The highlight was the pork bone soup which was a warm,spicy, and hearty dish that warmed me down to my boots. Great recommendation from Ms. Crowded House and her husband!
Recently I did make two more dishes from Supper works: the tomato cream basa and coconut crusted chicken fingers. Both were delicious as well as being quick and simple to make...a testimony to the Supper works mantra. Tonight, I am trying my hand at a prime rib roast with red wine porcine mushroom sauce.