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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ready for consumption Posted by Hello

Ripe fruit off the vine Posted by Hello

Mutant Strawberries! Posted by Hello

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Well the hot days of summer are here and that can mean only one things...schools out. I remember those carefree days. Cycling to the convenience store to get candy...Nerds, Fun Dip, Fizz, Hot rocks....

There is one lovely new treat thoughout in Southwestern Ontario. It is the height of strawberry season. Lots of great ripe juicy plum strawberries. Not be adulterated with icing sugar or dipped in chocolate but to be consumed straight off the vine in its natural juices. Anyone who you that strawberries aren't sweet hasn't eaten the real deal. This is how fruits and veggies were meant to be enjoyed. In its seasonal glory not imported for the convenience of each round consumption (which are tasteless and sour). As my red stained hands type this entry, more of the nectar of the gods is being savoured in a lovely Sangaria and later to be made into jam. MMMMMMMM!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Campulas a flooding Posted by Hello

Roses a plenty Posted by Hello

Shamrock so bright Posted by Hello

Gerbers so cheery Posted by Hello

Even floating like lily pads. Posted by Hello

Peonies everywhere! Posted by Hello

The Garden of Earthly Delights Posted by Hello

Missing Link

Nothing could bring out the most basic instinct than a lost in normality. Consider the following, the ATM ate my bank card today. How do I react, madly punching the buttons in the futile hope of the machine rejecting the above mentioned card. But really, what kind of fool thinks the ATM is going to do this. This Fool!

After awaiting an agonizing three hours, first for the bank to open (wow, those banker hours are great!) and second for my morning clinic to be finished, I finally get to the branch office and licky split, the teller issues me a new card. I check my balance and everything is in order. Anxiety relieved.

Now, why all this fuss over the lost of bank card. It's not like there's much to take from the account anyway. Sometimes I just can't account for where my money goes. Just a plain reflection on the financial materialism that dominates my life. In my good old student days, this was a passing thought.