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Monday, October 06, 2008

Med School Reunion

It snuck up on me. This anniversary was coming around and I could feel its shadow looming. The surprise of its arrival however, is really an incredulous form of denial. 10 years had passed since I graduated from medical school. 10 years since the class of Meds 98 were swearing the Hippocratic oath together on that humid day in May.

Thankfully, my biggest worry that I would not be able to recognize someone in the class did not come to pass. There was a little more snow of the roof for some and a somewhat portly disposition for others. We all looked a reasonable semblance of our younger selves.

No difference was this experience from other reunions I have had with memories relived and stories exchanged. The re acquaintance of old friends may have been touched with some sadness of the lost years but this was matched by the delightful rediscovery of old friendships. We have matured well...look how far we've come.