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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Journey to the Big Island

Happy Belated Canada Day!

Lots of fireworks being ignited and hopefully not too many fires. Anyway, the day was spend quitely travelling up to spend the weekend at a friend's cottage up on Manitoulin. This means I spent most of the day loitering in Tobermory. Could have taken in a dive in the Fanthom Five National Park, which is home to the most number of shipwrecks in Canada I guess...except for the 3 foot waves and small craft warning. Regardless, the town was pretty and touristy enough. Even found lovely footwear at a local store called Marco Polo trading.

How do Canadians spend their national day. Quietly displaying maple leafs and not with noisy bands or parades. Perhaps lots of self analysis on what is a Canadian or makes us Canadian. Plenty of love for this country and make no mistake that we are proud to be Canadian.