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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time to retire

It is a little know fact that physicians fail to recognize the signs that they should retire or at least get out of acute care medicine. They cling onto their jobs like leeches. Blame it on an identity crisis. Can you live without the "doctor" title? Some feel that one else can do their job (in the exact manner that they do). Regardless, it is dangerous occupation hazard. See if you can recognize the signs in this real life phone conversation:

"Hello, is this Dr. A?"
"Yes, this is Dr. A. Hello Dr. B."

"I have this patient here in the emerg who came in because she thought she was pregnant?"
"Yes, I see."

"Her last period was 4 weeks ago and she started having some bleeding today. She was worried and came into the emerg."
"What did her pregnant test show?"

"Oh, her serum bHCG (blood test for pregnancy) was negative."
"And how often does she have her periods?"

"About once a month and she has regular periods."
"I see...four weeks ago, eh?"


"So Dr. A, what should I do?
"Don't you think she might be starting her period?


"Good night Dr. A."
"Good night Dr. B."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Don't Dream it's over

When last I hear this song, it was during Crowded House's Farewell to the World Tour. It was 1996 and they were hosting their last show at Sydney Opera House. The song was a dare to the world. Was this to be the last of Crowded. As the decade passed, a reunion seemed unlikely. This was made more improbable but the suicide of Paul Hester, their first drummer in 2005.
But last night, the remaining band members reunited with the addition of a new drummer Matt Sherrod, and took to the stage at Massey Hall, that hallowed Toronto Musical Hall. This part of a new tour in support of a new album. With a combination of new songs along old standards, they weaved their unique brand of pop music. Liam Finn, one of Neil's son provided an opening act as well as backup vocals.
The audience even got to participate with a few sing-a-longs for Fall at your Feet, Don't Dream it's over and Better be Home soon. I must confess that I had only listened to their new album, Time on Earth, just twice. However, the songs themselves seem to fit right along side the classics confirming once more Neil Finn's reputation as one of pop music's best songwriters. His voice were certainly in fine form last night. I certainly hope it won't be another decade before I see them perform again.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

6am Mass Ascension

I rarely rise before 9am on a weekend day but for this one exception and at the great persuasion of Mr. Hippo, I managed to rise at 4am. The occasion was the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Harris Park in London. The morning air was cool and the sky clear as the dawn broke. A perfect blue canvas for the balloonists to paint upon with their astounding inflatable giants. I looked up with the wonder of a child as the mass ascension of nearly 30 hot air balloons took place over the span of an hour.
There was a concurrent Ribfest which Mr. Hippo and I enjoyed as a bonus as well as visiting a friend of mine from residency who was now doing her fellowship in London. She had just had her second child, a boy and was settling into motherhood again. An outsider to London medical society, she was still able to fill me in on the gossip of the department of which there was much (too much?). Mr. Hippo commented that the tales of the department could rival any Grey's Anatomy Plot. Now is that art imitating life or life imitating art?

These are the people who live in my neighbourhood

The word about the Kingdom of Garnet seems to be spreading. Those who were at the last BBQ in July were touched to hear that the neighbourhood spirit was appreciated by a stranger in our annual summer feast. The stranger came from another part of Milton and was a little envious of the closeness of this street's community. Actually, this community spirit is quite a novelty compared to other places I have lived before.
Last Friday, the signs designating the various royalty were hoisted. There was one new addition this year...a single queen. My consort, Mr. Hippo, did not mind but dutifully participated in a installation celebration (witness the beer). Long live the Queens and Kings of Garnet.