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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shacked up

How did my Honey Hippo spend his vacation? Moving in to the old homestead. The hustle and bustle is yet to settle with pieces of Hippo slowly assimilating into the collective house. Much like the end product from the movie Prestige, duplication seems to be everywhere...two vaccum cleaners, two toasters, two DVD players, two irons (exact models) and ironing boards, two black Jettas in the garage, two desktop computers. He even had another surprise for me....the installation of Satellite TV with a decoded multiple channel receiver. I don't think I could ever watch that much TV.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Did you know?

Here are a few pieces of trivia I picked up on my vacation through Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Did you know....
...there were no coopers in Williamsburg. The town people led a very modern (i.e. consumeristic) lifestyle. Everything was brought to the town but nothing was shipped out. Coopers were in business elsewhere in Virginia. Most notably on the tobacco farms.

...only 60 of the 500 colonists in Jamestown survived the bitter and diastrous winter of 1610.

...the state memorial for Pennsylvania is the largest one at Gettysburg. was possible to open a bottle of wine with a piece of string. There will be more wilderness survival tips to follow from Mr. Hippo soon.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Virginia Vacation

A little summary of my vacation in Pennsylvannia and Virginia.

First on our many stops was the site of the Civil War's defining battle: Gettysburg. This is the view from the Union side at "Pickett's Charge." For here was set the high watermark of the Confederacy. After this last stand, the grays were fighting a long retreat.
Gettysburg's cemetery is the first national cemetery in America. It is also the site of Lincoln's most famous address.

Then it was off to Colonial Williamsburg. A fantastic recreation of 18th century america. The Rockfellers literally spent millions on renovating and recreating nearly every aspect of Virginia's original capital: The Capitol (seat of the lower and upper houses), the Gaol (jail in mordern day English), several houses belonging to prominent Virginians including signers of the Declaration of Independence), the Governor's Palace, and the Courthouse.

There was plenty of discussion about the queen's impending visit to Williamsburg. The town was much a buzz with preparations. Several passes were made by helicopters throughout our visit. Men in three piece black suits with sunglasses and walk-talkies casually surveyed the grounds.

There was unfortunately some misunderstanding regarding my views on the monarchy and some took offence to my views on self-government. Hippo clarified that my official charge that of being a "wanton woman."

Fortunately, her majesty herself came in person at my request (thankfully, she was in town celebrating the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown) to ordered my immediate release. I wasted no time and made a hasty departure to that other Dominion.

Now, I'm back home safe and sound. Happy Mother's Day!