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Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day Weekend

After a very very busy Friday night at work, it was a good thing that there was an extra day to this weekend. However the weekend marked with delicious dinners. Firstly, my mother prepared a Canadian style Yu Sheng dish, a staple of the Singaporean reunion dinners on Saturday night. Ms. Crowded House was our only guest which was her great fortune as she enjoyed the Yu Sheng (and hence could have many portions). By the height of the ingredients tossed, it looks to be a very prosperous year.
The following night was the inaugural Jane Austen Movie club meeting. Despite delays due to injuries (see post on backaches) and technical difficulties (disc errors on DVD recordings), the first film, Mansfield Park, was viewed and appreciated. Ms. Noel, Ms. Crowded House and I revisited this classic which we had all seen before but long forgetten the details of. A splendid rediscovery. Tech Boy joined us for dinner at this local Korean restaurant where I had the hot pot dish. It is here that I came to the revelation: Yu Sheng and Hot Pot have very similar visual arrangements. Food is chopped, sliced, cooked, arranged and served as separate ingredients and then tossed together at the dining table. The joy is final moments when the meal is completed by the diner. So simple and so pleasurable are these visual as well as auditory and gustatory feasts.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ground Hog Day

The snowstorm on Friday last seems to brought in lots of ice, snow, sleet and labouring patients. After a long and labourious night at the hospital (no pun intended), my backache returned again. Shovelling the nearly 20cm that fell probably was a contributing factor too. So here I am on Sunday again, lying flat on my back. My neighbour could barely get into his driveway when he returned that evening as our little side street had yet to be plowed. Now the forecast for Monday and Tuesday this week is for spring like conditions. The temperature is to climb to 10 degrees. Wiarton Willie may be on to something.