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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Winning "Under the Sea" Showpiece.Hermit Crab DetailTurtle detailFlying fish and anchorsMermaid ShowpiecePretty but what has this got to do with the theme?
Pufferfish and clownfishJellyfish!An aquarium showpieceChocolate showpiecesAnchor and ship's wheel.Lovely floor detail
This little showpiece met with an accident on the way to the competition.Fresh presentationIs that a chocolate cigar?Abstract presentationWhimiscalA common problem
Plated dessert categorySo cute and tasty!Tristan's second bonbon with a white leaf.Bonbons!More plated dessertsNice texture

Chocolatiers, a set on Flickr.

During this unseasonable warm April weekend, I attended the Skills competition for Amateur Chocolatiers. My nephew had the distinct honor of representing the Red River College in the 2011 Competition. $5000 worth of Chocolate was provided by Cacao Barry for the weekend competition. There were three categories in this competition: the showpiece, 2 types of bonbons and the plated dessert. A divine soothing chocolate vapor wafted through the kitchen. I was fortunate to taste a few bonbons too. In an all to common event, a few showpieces were broken in transfer/transport. Evoking the spirit of the documentary "Kings of Pastry", the fierce competition came down to a lot of last minute hussling and plenty of drama and excitement.